9 November 2017
8am for 8.30am
to 9.30am



City Gate East
Tollhouse Hill


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This Autumn marks 10 years since the beginning of global financial crash, which largely reshaped the local, national and global economy.

As we head towards this significant milestone, it’s time to ask: What have East Midlands business owners learned from those dark days – and the economic struggle which followed in their wake?

Our breakfast debate will feature business owners who were there at the time and those who have managed to emerge from the other side of the worst recession since the 1930s to thrive again. Our panel will also include entrepreneurs who totally reshaped their business in the wake of the crash – as well as advisers who have had to change the way they work with clients.

We’ll debate whether East Midlands businesses are now better equipped to deal with a recession, how companies have dealt with the skills gap the lean years brought forward, and how the ability to flex is now part of any successful company’s DNA.

Our event will look back at the crash, but also look at the lessons learned, opportunities presented and the experiences gained during one the most memorable periods of our working lives.