Nottingham tech company expands into Middle East

Nottingham transport technology and telematics company Microlise has agreed a deal with Emirates Logistics, making the company a formal distributor of its technology and services in the Middle East.

The agreement is part of a global expansion for Microlise which has more than 250,000 vehicle connections worldwide. The company delivers services such as vehicle tracking, fleet performance analysis, journey management and proof of delivery to customers across six continents.

Headquartered in Dubai and spread across UAE with five branches, Emirates Logistics is part of the Sharaf Group. It delivers warehousing and logistics services for many big brands in the UAE including IKEA, Adidas, Sketchers and Dakin – companies already installing Microlise fleet telematics technology in their supply chain.

Whilst Emirates Logistics operates its own vehicle fleets to provide logistics services in the region, this new distribution partnership will see the company also selling Microlise products, managing and carrying out vehicle installation in the region. In addition Emirates Logistics will provide first line support for Microlise customers in the Middle East.

“Since its inception, Emirates Logistics has strategically invested in technology and expertise, enabling us to quickly grow in the region,” said Gomes Gorakanage, transport manager, Fleet Logistics at Emirates Logistics.

“We see the technology Microlise is developing as vital for 21st century logistics operators and see enormous potential. We look forward to making it more readily available in the region and developing a prosperous partnership with Microlise as official distributors.”

Emirates Logistics’ parent company, the Sharaf Group, has an even broader scope of activities including shipping, retail, travel & tourism, IT, industrial, financial services, hospitality and real estate.

“We have been cultivating an excellent relationship with Emirates Logistics in recent years, running a number of proof of concept trials with them and demonstrating the potential of our technology to improve safety, customer service, boost efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs,” said Paul Jurevicius, Microlise head of global channel.

He added: “With this official distribution partnership in place we look forward to significantly expanding the Microlise presence in the region.”