Lincoln likely to escape huge Siemens job cuts

Siemens’ Lincoln plant, which employs 1,500 people, is likely to be unaffected by sweeping job cuts announced by the German manufacturer.

Staff in Lincoln will be updated on the situation, but according to reports in the Daily Telegraph, the site is likely to escape compulsory redundancies as Siemens looks like to axe 6,900 jobs worldwide. The firm says the majority of the cuts will come in Europe and the US.

Siemens makes engine turbines in Lincoln and recently announced a £35m expansion plan to build a new operations centre on Teal Park.

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Reports suggest that the firm will reduce staff numbers in Lincoln by not replacing staff when they leave.

Siemens says the cuts are being made because of “worldwide over-capacities and the resulting price pressure” in power-plant technology, generators and large electrical motors.

A statement added: “Global demand for large gas turbines (generating more than 100 megawatts) has fallen drastically and is expected to level out at around 110 turbines a year.”

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