Logged-off: James Bogue, webCRM

James Bogue

We found out how the director of CRM specialist webCRM James Bogue unwinds at the weekend…

How do you relax at the weekend?
The weekend starts on Friday night! A glass of Brockmans Gin with Ginger Ale. No TV or phones Friday night and we listen to Radio 2 with Tony Blackburn, music night and the 80s with Jo Cox.

When the weather is right we love to go out in our MX-5 and have a picnic. Alternatively, we spend time in our wonderful garden.

I listen to Radio Nottingham in hope that my team Nottingham Forest get a good result. My wife Karen who, incidentally is a Derby fan, has to put up with my disparate moods, depending on the result I am either joyous (overbearing) or miserable for an hour or so!

Having taken up Salsa recently, and loving it, we try to practice at the weekend.

How many hours do you work at the weekend on average?
I try to keep weekends free, working can be a habit. If I do any work it may be some preparation and planning, a time where the bustle of the week does not get in the way of any out the box thinking.

What is your favourite…
Holiday? The next one which is Antigua this year. Love Italy and Portugal, we will be going back.

Book? The Stand by Stephen King, must have read this book 6 times and took something new from it each time.

Album? One you must be kidding! Time to break the rules, Regatta de blanc by The Police and Down to Earth – Rainbow.

TV programme? Match of the Day, the format still works for me.

Food? Totally love Wagamama’s and go at every chance.

Website or app? App – LinkedIn a bit addictive but has been good for business.

How do usually spend your Sunday evenings?
We try and keep Sunday evening free for sofa time and catch up with the latest book or any TV