Logged off: David Ryley, Ryley Wealth Management

David Ryley

How does David Ryley, CEO of Ryley Wealth Management, unwind at the weekend? We found out…

How do you relax at the weekend?
I’m a big Nottingham Forest fan, so watching my team when the season starts. I also enjoy reading, spending time with the family and, at the moment, I’m learning to fly! Quite an unusual hobby but I absolutely love it. Not sure if this counts as ‘relaxing’ but I’m also training for a Triathlon which strangely helps me relax too.

How many hours do you work at the weekend on average?
For the most part I try not to but, if there are big meetings the following week, I sometimes do an hour or so to prepare.

What’s your favourite…
Holiday destination? Florida – the weather is perfect and I love all of the parks.

Book? ‘Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln’ by James C. Humes. It is one that I turn to time and time again, it has some really good tips about presenting to audiences.

Album? Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits

Food? It has to be Chinese or Thai food, anything from those regions of Asia.

TV programme? Lately I’ve been really enjoying ‘Unforgotten’ – I love that ‘whodunnit’ genre of crime or thrillers.

App? I work around the country and in any given week I can be in London, Manchester or Nottingham. As such, Google Maps is definitely my most-used app, it’s really handy for travelling, working my way around the UK between meetings, finding places to eat or where that elusive hotel is!

How do you usually spend Sunday evenings?
I love watching serials on Netflix with my wife but on Sundays I mainly work on the charity I have set up called 1% Matters, to which we contribute as a company from our new business revenue.