Leicestershire nursery chain expands with £800,000 acquisition

(L-R) Jonathan Fear, Shakespeare Martineau, Mel Lynch, senior manager, Hunny Nurseries, Laura Whittall, nursery manager, Hunny Nurseries and Will Simpson, HSBC

A Leicestershire-based chain of nurseries has completed an £800,000 deal to open in Kibworth.

The new nursery on Smeeton Road, named the Hunny Hive, is the seventh site in Hunny Nurseries’ portfolio. It will serve as the new headquarters of the business which was founded in 2005 by Rebecca, Jonathan & Carol Bill, housing office space and in addition to nursery facilities for 75 children.

The deal to buy the new site, a former doctor’s surgery, was advised upon Shakespeare Martineau and by HSBC.

Rebecca Bill at Hunny Nurseries, said: “Looking back over the last 13 years, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come, largely thanks to the support of our local communities. The new site will enable us to continue to provide excellent nursery facilities, and give us extra space to grow our business in the future.

“Shakespeare Martineau and HSBC have ensured that our interests are well-represented throughout the process and have provided us with excellent legal and financial advice. All of our advisers have been at hand whenever we’ve needed them and we’re looking forward to working together in the future.”

Jonathan Fear, legal director in the real estate team at the Leicester office of law firm, Shakespeare Martineau, said: “We’ve worked with Hunny Nurseries for a number of years now and it is always exciting to see a local family business develop and go from strength to strength.

“Certain legal issues affecting the new acquisition meant that we had to involve other teams, including our specialists at Marrons Planning, to help with issues around the permitted use for the property. With redevelopment work well underway, it won’t be long until Hunny Nurseries is ready to open the new site and we wish the whole team the best of luck.”

David Tomlinson, HSBC UK’s area director for Leicestershire, said: We’re committed to helping Leicestershire businesses realise their ambitions for growth so are thrilled to continue our 14-year relationship with Hunny Nurseries. The new site and headquarters will provide extra space for the business as it looks to fulfil a growing demand for its services and enable further expansion.”

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