Logged-off: John Griffin, Newby Castleman

All aboard with John Griffin

We asked Newby Castleman partner John Griffin how he likes to unwind after a hard week at work…

How do you relax at the weekend?
I love taking the boat out at the weekends, provided the weather’s nice of course – it shouldn’t be an endurance.

I’ve been sailing for 20 years, and have a Yachtmaster qualification to show for it.

I particularly enjoy taking family and friends out on sorties, making sure there’s always a nice restaurant or pub waiting for us portside of course, whether on Rutland Water or along the south coast.

How many hours do you work at the weekend on average?
I don’t need to work at the weekends – I’m organised enough to do whatever needs doing during the week. I recommend it!

What’s your favourite…
– Holiday destination? Sailing around the Greek Islands with family and friends.
– Book? A book written in Danish called Den Sorte Engel (The Black Angel) by Nina von Staffeldt, which is a Scandi Noir set in Greenland.
– Album? Back in the day I was a proper punk – I liked the Pistols, Stiff Little Fingers, Angelic Upstarts – the harder stuff! Nowadays I tend to prefer photo albums; I’m particularly proud of the one I made in 2012 when I took the Griffin clan around the Ionian.
– Food? Lamb on a rotisserie is just sooooo good on a BBQ.
– TV programme? D’oh – Strictly of course!
– Website or App? Gosh – is there a difference?

How do you usually spend Sunday evenings?
Mind your own business!