Recruitment frenzy at Leicester firm as 283 people chase 30 jobs

The Imperial team

Leicester events company, Imperial Corporate Events, says its office move in Leicester has driven a dramatic uplift in sales and local job applications.

Imperial Corporate Events moved into its new Leicester headquarters in the iconic Leicester Mercury building in November, when it said it was looking to recruit 30 more staff.

The firm says it received some 283 job applications in the wake of their new offices, which it attributes to increasing its brand awareness efforts within the region.

Imperial says the new Leicester office has created a year on year sales uplift of 24% in October & 33% in November.

Pete Frisby, director, said: “We’re confident that we now have the best offices in Leicester and it’s proving to be a fantastic boost for the whole company. Our new offices in both Leicester and London will give us the opportunity to seriously expand our team over the next three years and quickly smash through the ambitious targets we’ve set ourselves.

“We’re delighted that we’ve already seen such a huge increase in interest from around the region, both to work with us and to join us.”