Leicester ranked best city for new millenial businesses

Leicester has topped the rankings for best city in the UK to start a new business if you’re a millennial, according to new research from online business print providers, instantprint.

The new ranking analysed the cost of living in the 20 biggest UK cities, along with average age, number of start-ups per 1,000 people, office prices, train reliability, recycling rates, superfast broadband availability, and the average price of a cup of coffee to produce the top ten.

All factors were selected based on research into what is important to the millennial generation and what challenges they may face in starting a business.

The top ten cities are:


1. Leicester

2. Derby

3. Belfast

4. Nottingham

5. Portsmouth

6. Southampton

7. Hull

8. Coventry

9. Cardiff

10. Edinburgh

James Kinsella, chief executive and co-founder of instantprint, said: “As a millennial start-up company ourselves, we understand how daunting deciding where to set up your business can be – especially if you haven’t had much time in the workplace to build up capital resources and a great network of potential contacts.

“At instantprint, we cater for small start-up businesses and wanted to help our current and future client base by providing this research, highlighting great opportunities for their companies

“It’s great to see that some of the less well-known cities in the UK are offering great opportunities for small businesses. Leicester is a great place to set up your business and this is reflected in the activity in the city, which includes an annual business festival that gets 10,000 attendees.”