Nottingham pharma stalwarts ready to rise again


Two stalwarts of the clinical technology sector in Nottingham have launched a new company and product.

PHARMASEAL is the new vehicle of Daljit Cheema and Dr Neil Rotherham, former chief technology officer and founder of ClinPhone respectively.

Rotherham co-founded ClinPhone in 1993, leading it from a two-person start-up to a 500-person global venture that was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2006.

Cheema was CTO and senior vice president of technology at ClinPhone from 2002 until 2008 before becoming CTO and vice president of technology at Parexel following the acquisition of ClinPhone.

He now leads a 12-strong team of experts at PHARMASEAL’s University of Nottingham Innovation Park headquarters.

PHARMASEAL provides clinical trial management and governance solutions, to help organisations gain better oversight of their clinical trial management. The company is backed by investment from Mercia Fund Managers.

The company has just released a new product called Engility™ after two years of research and development.

Cheema said: “We are extremely proud to finally launch our new company here in Nottingham where so much of our work began and in a city with a fantastic reputation for innovation in the sector. PHARMASEAL was founded by a team of industry leaders who share a vision to create a digital platform that gives biopharmaceutical and medical device companies increased control of their clinical trials and ultimately ensures faster delivery of products to market.

“Our collective passion for continuous innovation led to developing the Engility platform and our first product, Engility CTMS. With Engility, we can enable more companies to improve their governance and oversight processes. PHARMASEAL has proven that by applying advanced engineering and automation, technology can streamline and consolidate complex trial management activities.

“We are excited to introduce Engility to the world market.”