Storage company takes flight with plans to double in size

Preparations are underway to welcome the new containers

A personal storage business is set to more than double in size after receiving planning permisson that outlines ambitious expansion plans.

Wagtail Personal Storage, which is located near East Midlands Airport, will add up to 180 containers to its 125 existing units.

Owner Tim Wagstaff said: “We have many large business clients that rent space from us and we’re looking to capitalise on our great location to try to source more business as the area grows.

“This will affect turnover in a corresponding scale but I would need to expand in phases over the course of the next three to four years. We have 40 new containers stoving next Monday (11 March) and more turning up when these are mostly rented out, which will be in Q4 of this year”

The move will only create two or three full-time jobs, initially, said Wagstaff.

He is also planning to build a new office building and small spaces for start-ups at The Walnut Yard, where Wagtail Storage is based, which could lead to a further five jobs.