Experian posts strong growth during ‘a very good year’

Experian, the Nottingham-headquartered information service firm, has had “a very good year” according to its chief executive, as it reveals its preliminary results for 31 March.

Revenue in the UK and Ireland was up 4% to £630m. There was strong growth in B2B (7%), however, Consumer Services declined by 4%.

Brian Cassin, chief executive, said: “This was a very good year for Experian. Our investment and innovation agenda delivered strong and broad-based growth with exciting new offers for consumers and businesses.

“We have strengthened our prospects and expanded our opportunities; both our B2B and Consumer Services businesses delivered strongly.

“With another year of continued investments, FY20 is expected to deliver further strong performance, with organic revenue growth in the 6-8% range, Benchmark EBIT growth at or above revenue growth and strong progress in Benchmark earnings per share.”