Law firm helps to change rules surrounding professional boxing

Mohammed Ali Zahid

A law firm from Manchester has helped change the rules surrounding professional boxing.

JMR Solicitors helped British Boxer Mohammed Ali Zahid, from Rochdale, obtain his professional boxing licence, despite being diagnosed with type one diabetes.

The boxer initially planned to turn professional back in 2015, but British Boxing Board of Control rules at the time meant boxers with type one diabetes were unable to get a license.

It was ruled that Ali could keep his licence in this record-breaking case.

JMR Solicitors were at Cardiff to represent Muhammad Ali and watched on as they saw Ali make history after becoming the first boxer in the country with type one diabetes to be granted a professional licence.

The British Boxing Board of Control has its own rules and regulations to become a professional boxer at present.

One of which is that individuals with type one diabetes cannot become professional boxers.

This has been overturned in JMR client’s case and the BBBofC’s are now in the process of reviewing their regulations.

Ali has become the first boxer in the UK with type one diabetes to be granted a professional licence by the British Boxing Board of Control.

JMR Solicitors represented the 25-year-lold boxer and the ruling means individuals with siabetes in the UK will now be able to apply for their professional boxing licence.

Marium Razzaq, Solicitor and owner of JMR solicitors, said: “I chose to represent the client as I thought it was discriminatory and unfair for the board to prejudice individuals with conditions such as diabetes.

“By having this regulation changed it truly has made history in the world of British boxing as individuals with diabetes who wish to become professional boxers will now be able to do so.

“I feel honoured to be a part of the change in UK Boxing regulations as this really is revolutionary as it is the first time in history that a professional boxing licence has been given to an individual with diabetes.”

After almost three years Ali was finally granted his license during a meeting with the board as the case provided crucial documentation proving that his state would not disturb his ability to box.

He said: “We were able to put together a protocol and show the British Boxing Board of Control why I should get my license.

“To get the approval at the meeting on Wednesday was amazing, and I’m already excited thinking about my professional career.”