The New Year – time for a new job or a new you?

Irene Roele

By Irene Roele, Fellow, Executive Education, Alliance Manchester Business School

The New Year is a time for positive change, but before you dust off your CV and start applying for jobs, it is useful to take an honest look at things from a long-term career perspective and ask yourself – what do I really want?

Often, if we’re not satisfied at work, it’s because we don’t feel challenged, aren’t gaining internal recognition, don’t see the opportunities, or simply aren’t learning.

Professional development addresses all of these challenges, but, better still, it could help you to turn what is currently a job into an exciting career while unleashing unlimited future opportunities.

From good management to great leadership

Opting to embark on further professional development brings many wide-ranging benefits.

First, the knowledge we absorb improves our performance. Secondly, a thirst for learning demonstrates drive and determination, and thirdly, as a direct consequence of this – it puts us on the radar of the decision makers able to drive our careers to new highs – a fact that also unlocks further mentoring potential.

But, perhaps most important of all, professional development can help us all to feel like we’re succeeding in the pursuit of self-improvement.

Good managers become great leaders by learning.

Not just about their industry and the business environment, but about themselves, how they are flawed and how they can gain the skills to improve the performance of themselves and others around them.

Develop yourself with the Apprenticeship Levy

In the UK we are currently grappling with a huge shortage of skilled managers and leaders, which is limiting both company and national productivity.

As such, managers that broaden their skillset and deepen their knowledge will be gearing themselves up for progression and opportunity.

Structured leadership development programmes, like the MSc and MBA level programmes offered at Alliance Manchester Business School, are available through the Apprenticeship Levy and can help everybody from ambitious career movers to chief executives develop and hone the skills needed to lead, inspire and improve business performance.

These Level 7 senior leadership degree courses are Chartered Management Institute (CMI) approved – and of course highly beneficial to your employer, as well.

Supporting your development is essential for business

Efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, growth are the rewards for businesses that embrace the opportunity to facilitate your training, with the CMI estimating the return on investment to be nearly £400,000 per chartered manager.

Both large organisations and SMEs can qualify for either fully- or part-funded apprenticeships via the Levy – so in most cases, costs are minimal, or your employer will already have paid.

Alliance Manchester Business School has MSc and MBA courses commencing in July, so now is a fantastic time to explore the opportunity and discuss management training with your employer.

Take the opportunity to focus on your development this New Year – get off the career treadmill and into the fast lane of progression by unleashing a new you.

For more information about the Apprenticeship Levy and courses for managers and leaders, please visit Alliance Manchester Business School.