Kuits toasts appeal victory for BrewDog

MANCHESTER law firm Kuits has won a legal victory for fast-growing bar operator BrewDog, which will allow it to open in Leeds.

BrewDog, which is based in the north of Scotland. and is expanding rapidly, has been advised by Anthony Lyons, licensing partner at Kuits since it launched in London last year.

It has since opened in Nottingham, Newcastle and Manchester and has bars in Bristol and Birmingham and a second London venue on the way.

Kuits applied for a licence in December 2011, but in February after Leeds City Council objected on the grounds that the new venue would attract extra footfall which could cause increased levels of crime and disorder,  it was refused.

The firm returned to the city’s Magistrates Court for a hearing on September 6, where it won an appeal.

At the hearing District Judge, Roy Anderson said the council’s licensing authority had been too rigid in its imposition of the councils Cumulative Impact Policy – which aims to limit the number of premises in any one location.

The Judge also recognised that the “well-heeled” type of customers which BrewDog aims to attract will not have an adverse impact on the area.

Anthony Lyons and Felicity Harris-Knott of Kuits and Philip Kolvin QC of Cornerstone Barristers advised BrewDog at the hearing.

Mr Lyons, said: “This landmark decision will make local authorities think twice about whether to implement such policies without flexibility. We are all delighted with this decision and we are sure BrewDog will have continued success in their expansion.”