Manchester can be ‘Europe’s 3D centre’

EON Reality officially opened its Manchester base last night, promising to make the city the European centre for 3D content production.

The US company has set up its European headquarters at One Central Park, next to the Sharp Project in Newton Heath, where it plans to take on 240 staff over the next three years.

It has also established a free coding school which will train 100 young people a year for the next five years.

The company, which has 80 staff, develops 3D visuals which are used as educational aids. It also works with industry using its technology to train staff for work in dangerous environments, such as off-shore oil rigs, and bring complex engineering concepts to life.

Managing director Ken Swain, pictured, told that around 50% of revenues came from the education sector, 35% from industry and 15% from “edutainment”, such as the 3D aquarium, pictured.

He said: “We have a focus on subjects that are difficult, such as the laws of Ken swain, eon realityphysics, human anatomy and molecular structures in chemistry.

“All these things are very difficult to convey for the first time but if you can turn it into interactive learning the concepts become much easier to understand because you’re there and seeing it. It’s about hands on immersive engagement.”

Dan Lejerskar, co-founder and chairman of EON Reality, first used 3D technology when working at Volvo Aerospace as program manager for the Arianne 5 rocket program.

In a statement he said: “This facility will make Manchester the European centre for the creation of 3D content. Manchester is the perfect location for us to set up our European home and a key component in our global strategy.

“This city shares our vision to grow the technology sector, train people in this increasingly valuable skill and change the face of education through 3D technology. What we are doing in Manchester is truly ground breaking and will quickly spread to Europe and across the world. The digital community of Manchester is the perfect partner to help us on our journey.”

The 10,000 sq ft space has been designed by Atul Bansal, co-founder and partner at Manchester based interior design consultancy, The Sheila Bird Group.

Sir Howard Bernstein, chief executive of Manchester City Council, said: “The potential for job creation directly and indirectly from this new facility is immense, providing much needed career opportunities for talented youngsters in an expanding sector.”