Further shale exploration for IGas

IGas Energy, which is investigating the shale potential of sites across the North West, is planning to drill two further wells this year.

It said this will help it, “further appraise the significant potential resources it has in the Bowland Shale”.

The company made the announcement after a committee of MPs loking into the sector said shale gas could help secure domestic energy supplies but may not bring down prices.

The Energy and Climate Change Committee says gas developers will face technological uncertainties dealing with different geology.

IGas has been looking at the shale potential of a number of sites owned by Peel Group across the North West, including Ince Marshes and Doe Green at Warrington.

Chief executive Andrew Austin said: “We welcome publication of this report, which acknowledges the substantial benefits to the UK that shale gas can offer. Natural gas from shale has the potential to transform the UK’s energy market and boost the economy, create thousands of jobs, generate significant tax revenues and reduce our reliance on imported gas.
“We note the committee is keen to see exploration proceed quickly in order to validate current estimates and establish the true potential of shale gas in the UK. We continue to inform and engage with local communities and are working with the Government to establish how those  communities can receive and share in the benefits that shale gas could bring.  We continue to work with the Government on the best mechanisms to achieve this.”