Claire Smith

Claire joined Moneypenny in 2017, having previously qualified as a solicitor and then Partner at Pannone LLP, heading up Connect2Law the UK’s largest referral and support network for law firms, before moving to join the board of the national legal brand QualitySolicitors.

At Moneypenny, Claire oversees the attainment and retention of new sector clients, working closely with the sales and marketing teams to tap into new seams of business revenue. As a former lawyer and also client of Moneypenny, Claire understands the importance of delivering an amazing first impression for your clients every single time.

Driven by performance, and a stickler for positivity, Claire ensures that Moneypenny not only has a healthy order book, but is a remarkably pleasant place to be.

“I believe in supporting my team, leading by example and trusting them 100%. Over my career I’ve found that a smile and a listening ear go a long way to ‘getting things done’. Moneypenny embodies this philosophy completely, and it shows in just how happy our people are – and in turn, our clients.”