Change management specialist in line for further US expansion

Birmingham change management specialist, Curium Solutions has expanded its presence in the United States with a further contract win.

The firm has agreed a strategic partnership with TetraMap International, with the change consultancy becoming TetraMap’s exclusive distributor in the US.

The partnership brings together TetraMap’s expertise in communication and collaboration with Curium’s focus on providing change management solutions.

The deal builds on an existing relationship in the UK, where Curium has been a TetraMap strategic partner for eight years.

The deal is the first to be secured since Curium opened its US office following its merger with Florida-based performance improvement and leadership development firm, DME Consulting earlier this month. DME Consulting founder Daniel Entwistle leads Curium’s US operations.

James Farrow, Curium founding director and TetraMap Master Facilitator, said the firm was a strong believer in the power of simple and sustainable change.

“We use TetraMap in everything we do: from helping clients develop their leadership skills and make a positive impact on those around them, to running our business and engaging our team. We have seen and experienced the positive difference it makes,” he said.

He added that with change being a constant factor for business, then the company was excited about the prospects for further US expansion.

Created in New Zealand by Yoshimi and Jon Brett, TetraMap is a collaboration tool designed to reduce conflict and increase team cohesion. It uses nature as a metaphor to help participants to understand their own preferences and perspectives, and why others might have a different view.

The Bretts said Curium’s record for supporting people and organisations through change was impressive and so the new collaboration was well timed.

Initially, Curium will focus on the Florida market, before expanding its offer throughout the US. It is hosting a series of events to launch TetraMap to local businesses, introducing it as a simple, effective and powerful collaboration tool.

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