Duckers & Diving: Knock-out night for Young

THIS week our intrepid columnist lifts the lid on the exploits of one of Birmingham’s commercial property heavyweights.

Property guru Rupert Young is living up to his hard man image. I hear the Nurton Developments beast has been having something of a knock-out time…and all he did was take the firm’s girlies out to lunch down Opus.

But of course one thing leads to another … and in excellent mood our man pops into Metro Bar followed by real ale hostelry, the Wellington.

Where the (I can’t believe he’s still playing at 48) alleged Old Yards rugby ‘star’ bumps into very old teammate Steve Sidwell – no, not the Fulham and former Aston Villa player; another Steve Sidwell.

And comes off worst in a spot of horseplay.

“We’d sunk a few when completely out of the blue he ‘tackled me’.”

Well, boys will be boys!

Except that in the process our hero smacked his head on the bar and went out like a light.

“I got carted off to Dudley Road Hospital – not my normal manor.”

He came round in the ambulance – they were even monitoring his heart (at least they found one – good spot!).

But by the time he got to hospital he was back in such fine form that he bailed out and proceeded to ‘walk home’ – actually he got a cab most of the way back to Solihull.

However, not before he had popped across the road from the hospital for a snifter at the local boozer – just to test that all was well.

Overall, an escapade which didn’t go down well with ‘her indoors’ – that’s Sarah The Angel – when discovering he had left his keys in the Welly.Duckers and Diving


“It’s not you again!” she declared, surveying the mess in front of her.

He reveals: “I was greeted with disdain.”

And so he should have been.

Mind you, he does have one over the babe. “She still gets her hair cut in London.”

Outrageous! I should slash the housekeeping, Rupert.