Duckers & Diving: Whitby plots for the future

OUR debonair diarist – and part-time penalty-taker – this week recounts a tale about one of Birmingham’s best-known political figures.

I bump into a face from the past at a funeral. Mike Whitby…remember him?

He is in good form even if the occasion has brought on a touch of morbidity.

He nevertheless reveals to me that he has recently bought a burial plot – designed to take both himself and his lovely wife Gaynor.

When their time comes, of course.

And he has only paid £825 for the privilege.

“I got in before the prices went up,” reveals the canny former Birmingham City Council leader.

Well, absolutely.

That Albert Bore fellow is trying to charge us for everything – green waste is the latest.

They’ll be snatching bodies next and selling the graves again.

For cemetery anoraks, Whitby’s gone for a plot at Lodge Hill.

Bound to boost demand for ‘celebrity’ interments there.

Duckers and Diving