Duckers & Diving: Pitchford’s Italian Job

THIS week our debonair diarist blows the doors off a tale involving one of the Midlands’ most iconic products – and Glyn Pitchford.

Birmingham businessman Glyn Pitchford has had a brilliant idea.

This only happens about once a decade but when it does it is well worth the wait.

He’s currently got his Birmingham Civic Society hat on and is determined to do something to put some pizzazz into the city’s dull public art offer.

I’ve already written a bit about his first scam – to nick the City of Birmingham train from the Science Museum.
All sorts of rogues have joined him in the plot.

But so far Pitchford has refused to reveal where in the city centre he wants to put the old girl.

Now he’s come up with a second scorcher of a wheeze.

Here’s the email trail:
Pitchford: John, have you any contacts with BMW. I need to get them to give me three Mini Coopers. If I told you what for I’d then have to shoot you…but here’s a clue – connected with The Italian Job!
Duckers: Are you going to have them rattling down the steps past the Floozie?
Pitchford: Close!

He has even got a spec for the three Minis.

“I want three Mk1 Austin Mini Cooper S’s, circa 1961 or nearest to that age, one red, one white, one blue – they can be a bit bashed up and I don’t need them to have engines in them!”
Well, all power to Pitchford’s elbow – I think it would be amazing if we could re-create The Italian Job as a public work of art in our city.

Now this is thinking out of the box – a bit like my campaign to get the airport to call itself Shakespeare International.

But will the stiffs who run Birmingham go for it?Duckers and Diving

Well, let’s hope so.

But just in case they dither – a highly likely scenario – time for a public show of strength to get behind this wonderful scheme.

Perhaps we could get Michael Caine along to launch the exhibit.

Spread the word – not a lot of people know about it.