Duckers & Diving: Harvey pops the question

AFTER an extended Easter break our dedicated diarist is back to uncover more tales from the depths of Birmingham’s business community.

Birmingham financial whiz Gordon Harvey has got himself wed.

Hurrah! Congratulations!

No shotgun marriage this … it took our man 29 years to pop the question!

Presumably the lovely Diane asked him to repeat the proposal just in case she thought she might have misheard.

“A child groom of 69 years,” he reveals.

All the formalities took place at the Royal Castle Hotel in Dartmouth – Gordon has a pad down there to supplement his mansion in Dorridge.

Dorridge and Dartmouth – has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

Talking about rings, he won’t tell whether or not he got down on bended knee, but he did buy her “a nice diamond”.

Given she is a radiographer, I would check if I were you, girl.

According to erstwhile chum John James, Gordon invited all his friends … so there were about four people there – Boom! Boom!

James reckons Diane’s blind dog gave her away – Boom! Boom!

Shut up James; terrible ‘jokes’.

“I’ve finally decided to make an honest woman of her,” declares Gordon, one of Birmingham’s star wealth management, investment finance, gurus, now semi-retired.
Used to work for Williams de Broe, which has since become Investec.

Likes a decent drop of red wine. A good sort.

“After over 50 years in stockbroking I thought getting married again might be a better investment!”

And naturally, given his financial background, he splashed out on the honeymoon.

A one hour trip down the River Dart – albeit the old rogue says he is taking his bride to Venice in May – better bring the wellies, Diane, just in case the tide is in.

But a final dreadful finale from James.Duckers and Diving

Harvey’s Dartmouth bolt hole is very near to Agatha Christie’s one-time beautiful home, Greenway, now run by the National Trust.

So what does James exclaim?

“It’s a mystery what Di sees in him,” he quips.

Booooooooom! Boooooooooooooom!