Duckers & Diving: Inman incapacitated

THIS week our diarist from the dark ages reflects gleefully on e-tickets not being worth the paper they weren’t written on.

 YOU would think Derek Inman, the old head of regions for BT, would be au fait with technology, but a warning – it can turn round and bite you!

Having been invited to the Journalists’ Charity lunch in Savoy Square, London, Derek duly went online to purchase a return fare with Chiltern, the cheapest option being an e-ticket which is displayed on your phone.

All went smoothly on the journey to Marylebone, and arriving early he decided to walk to the Savoy using Google maps as a guide.

A splendid lunch followed with luminaries such as Doug Ellis, John James and Lois Burley being in attendance.Duckers and Diving

And, as it happens, surprise surprise, he was persuaded back to JJ’s club, Groucho’s, for a few drinks.

Staggering back to catch the 20.15 to Birmingham he was asked to show his ticket, but the phone battery had died due to Google maps etc.

And, in spite of protestations and insistences that the ticket was “in the phone”, the ticket collector wasn’t having any of it, and the train was missed.

Eventually taking pity on him the official directed him to the information desk where there was a charger.

Ten minutes charge was enough to rekindle the wretched device and retrieve the e-ticket, and so a later train was caught.

E-by-gum, it weren’t like this in granddad’s day.