Football club owner writes emotional letter to fans

The owner of Barnsley FC wrote an emotional letter to fans yesterday, when he said he was “living on borrowed time” due to his Cancer diagnosis.

In a letter published in the football club’s programme, Patrick Cryne, said: “I am living on borrowed time. I live in pain, but living is better than the alternative. Cancer is insidious, cruel and rapacious and I implore everyone to have regular checks to stop it gaining hold.”

Cryne has owned the club since 2004 and previously owned a computer software company.

The letter went on to say: “There are many things I wanted to achieve before my custodianship of our fabulous team ended at the hand of the grim reaper. Of course, I wanted to see us get back to the Premier League and make since enhancements to the iconic West Stand. On a personal level, I wanted to bring back together all the 1912 cup final medals, but I only managed to retrieve five.”

Cryne said that he believed the club will get stronger through the season but added “I do not expect to live to see the ultimate outcome, but I travel in hope.

“I wish you all a good football season and thank you for your kindness down the years.”