100 Club Profile: Sarah Jones of Full Circle

Sarah Jones is the Independent Funeral Director at Full Circle Funerals. She is a member of the Leeds Community Foundation’s 100 Club, a patronage scheme for individuals who are motivated to make a difference in Leeds.

Here, she discusses what he loves about the city, and why she’s involved in the foundation.

What’s your favourite thing about Leeds?

It’s vibrancy. It has a bustling, thriving city that has seen fantastic regeneration over the last few years and there is something for everyone, with so much going on. Then we also have very beautiful countryside on our doorstep and opportunities to enjoy being away from the city, to enjoy the outdoors and everything that has to offer.
What would you change about the city?

Bringing an end to child hunger, poor housing stock, loneliness and isolation are things that all cities need to work towards and change.  In Leeds, local services work hard (in difficult times) to deliver new and innovative ideas to address these problems.  People working in partnership to share their resources, time and skills is key to addressing some of these more challenging issues, and this is something that Leeds seems to be embracing with open arms.


Why did you decide to join the Leeds Community’s Foundation 100 club?

We wanted to join the 100 club because we wanted to show our commitment to helping to improve the lives of people living in Leeds.  Having experienced the work of Leeds Community Foundation, we trust that the way that they manage the 100 club will make a difference to those most in need – something that is much harder to achieve as an organisation in isolation.  We were particularly impressed with the work they have done to empower young people and raise their personal aspirations of a bright and happy future.


What community issues are important to you and/or your organisation?

Full Circle is a proud member of the Leeds Dying Matters Partnership and we regularly speak at local events.  Raising awareness about death, dying, funerals and bereavement is key to improving the experiences of individuals and families at end of life.  As a company we try to support local third sector organisations by volunteering in our local community where we can. This might include helping to fundraise with the Lions or the Rotary club, sponsoring local community festivals and volunteering to bring local older people to their weekly coffee afternoon. We are also a member of the Dementia Action Alliance and Dementia Friends, and can offer training for Dementia Friends, raising awareness of how to help people with dementia to live well.