100 Club: Jonathan Sanderson, Corecom Consulting

Jonathan Sanderson, managing director of recruitment firm Corecom Consulting, is a member of the Leeds Community Foundation’s 100 Club, a patronage scheme for individuals who are motivated to make a difference in Leeds.

Here, he discusses what he loves about the city, and why he’s involved in the foundation.

What is your favourite thing about Leeds?

I have a real passion for technology so I would say that my favourite thing is that it is a major destination for the tech industry; Leeds has moved up as the sixth top Tech City in the UK this year. This growth is attracting large companies, such as Channel 4, who announced they would be moving their HQ to the City earlier this year. The city has a number of digital hubs providing networking and knowledge support for creative businesses to grow and develop.

What’s your ideal day out in Leeds?

The City benefits from great transport links, retailers, art events, music festivals and more. My ideal day out would probably include a trip to the theatre with my wife, followed by a meal at a Thai restaurant. Then we’d probably head back home, to the outskirts of the City, to some outdoors time in the countryside with our children and the dog.

What is the best lesson you have learnt in business?

The best lesson I have learnt is from life and business strategist, Tony Robbins, who said that ‘success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want and as much as you want’.

What single thing do you think could help the city?

I am a big supporter of all things environmental and what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. I think that the transport, such as taxis, buses and trains, should become electric to reduce pollution and emissions. The resulting cleaner air will reduce any negative impact on our health such as Asthma, especially in young children.

What inspired you to join the 100 Club?

As someone who has grown up, studied here and as a business owner in Leeds, I am driven to make a positive difference in the area. I am committed to assisting Leeds Community Foundation with the work they are doing in the City. By investing, I am contributing to making the Foundation more resilient, enabling support for community groups and grassroots projects to create positive change across the city.

What community issues are important to you?

I’m very proud to be ‘Business Advisor and patriot’ to the Moonlight Trust, a charity that provides food, shelter and more to refugees across the globe. I was recently presented with the ‘Excellence in Business Award’ by MPs as recognition of my work for the charity.

In addition, I’m committed to supporting Emmaus Leeds, a charity for the previously homeless. As the company’s charity partner, we have supported them with IT workshops, volunteering, mentorship and supporting initiatives.

I regularly deliver workshops and provide careers mentorship to students at local universities, including the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University.