Entrepreneurship in Yorkshire: The lifecycle of an entrepreneur

ENTREPRENEURS should be given greater support in order to help them create wealth for the Yorkshire economy.

A range of entrepreneurs, including Andrew Cope of Zenith and Kevin Hollinrake of Hunters, who attended a round table discussion focusing on the lifecycle of an entrepreneur identified dogged determination, drive and passion as common traits that have helped them to reach the top.

However, several of those present at the event said personal circumstance had often been the major factor that had led to them setting up their own business.

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Neil Manaley, from Barclays Wealth, said that however an individual comes around to being a business owner, the successful ones will always have “exceptional drive.“

He said: “That is the key, that’s what defines an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial manger. It’s that drive and passion and belief that enthuses and excites everyone else in the business.”

Dan Renton, of Deloitte, said entrepreneurs were often driven by accumulating wealth in the early stages of their careers but more often than not they realised that a major factor of success was a sense of achievement.

On the subject of advice for entrepreneurs, Richard Doyle, founder of Esteem Systems, said: “It’s not just money that’s needed, it’s inspiration and having people to advise you.”

“We are asking entrepreneurs to give up a bit of time to spend with ambitious businesses. It’s using people like us to try help them understand the challenges and get these businesses moving forward without having to spend a lot of money on professional advice – they can do that later when they have made their money.”

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