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David Parkin on Labour's Ed-ache and sunny Cyprus

22nd March 2013


The opening day at Trinity Leeds

The opening day at Trinity Leeds

IT'S said that two heads are better than one.

In Labour's case it doesn't look like two Eds are better than one.

The Eds on the opposition benches of the House of Commons - Miliband and Balls - currently can't seem to lay a glove on the Prime Minister and Chancellor.

Given the continued languishing of the economy and the limitations that austerity places on any really serious tax cuts or injections of public spending, you'd think the opposition might be making hay as the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coali......for the full story register now for free or login below...

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Nice one, David. You've summed up Milli-Balls perfectly. George Osborne must be delighted by their performance

Simon Mountford

Overheard in a local Primary School maths lesson... TEACHER..." If I give you £ 10 and take £ 1 away, what have you got ? " 5 YEAR OLD PUPIL..." A bank account in Cyprus Miss..."

Paul Martin

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