MBA Week: Studying for success with Leeds Business School

THIS week, in association with Leeds Business School has been looking at MBA qualificatiions and what they can do for individuals and businesses.

Nick Beech, Head of the Centre for Director Education at Leeds Business School, said: “The MBA is an academic qualification that has stood up to the rigour of the real world. It is a practitioners qualification. It is a course about thinking and doing.

“Other qualifications might be more specific but the MBA is a qualification that provides people with a platform to go in different directions.

“It is a benchmark for employers. When they are looking for people to do a job they know that someone with an MBA comes with a quality mark, they understand the essentials about all parts of the organisation.”

Over the course of the week, the series has explained MBAs, examined who studies for them, looked at the benefits, the view of business and the experience of studying at Leeds Business School.

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