Heart of the City project set for approval

THE final building in Sheffield’s landmark Heart of the City project is set to be approved by the city council next week.

The Heart of the City project was endorsed as one of the seven strategic regeneration projects for the City Centre arising out of the City Centre Masterplan and was also an important component of delivering the ‘Sheffield City Strategy and Vision’ of the Sheffield First Partnership, which sought to secure a strong economy and a vibrant City Centre.

Sheffield City Council is working with the developer behind 3 St Paul’s Place, CTP, to help it secure the funding necessary to build.

Subject to conditions, plans are expected to be approved by councillors when they meet next week.

The proposed office block sits just outside the city centre conservation area and will be visible in views from within the conservation area, in particular across the Peace Gardens from the Grade I listed Town Hall and in views towards the Town Hall from Leopold Street. The area in between the office blocks provides pedestrian access from Norfolk Street to St Paul’s Place.

The building will be 100,000 sq ft with approximately 76,000 sq ft of office space.

Building work, subject to approval of an European Regional Development Fund grant for CTP, is likely to start in the new year and could be completed by 2015.