MPB has been operating as a marketplace for used photography and videography equipment since 2011. Based in Brighton, Brooklyn and Berlin, the company specialises in photo and video kit buying, selling and trading of most modern equipment. The marketplace is a great place for beginner and professional photographers to get their hands on quality-approved used camera kits. Accessible and affordable photography kits are available in a sustainable fashion, ensuring that quality equipment does not go to waste. The team at MPB is composed of experienced videographers, photographers and expertly trained camera technicians. All major camera brands are stocked, including the likes of Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic. Customers have a huge selection of cameras to choose from, including DSLR, digital cinema, compact system and rangefinder. This extends to camera bodies, lenses, filters and accessories. Camera accessories include memory cards, filters, bags, cases and straps. If you have a budget, brand or condition in mind, you can browse by each category to suit your requirements. Visit the website to sell or trade your used camera equipment and to receive a no-commitment quote today.