First Steps

First Steps ED is the leading eating disorder charity supporting individuals of all ages and backgrounds impacted by body dissatisfaction, disordered eating and eating disorders. Supported by our generous funders and stakeholders, we provide non-clinical early intervention and prevention services that complement the NHS and Public Health in the community, as well as a mild-to-moderate pathway for individuals and families in recovery.

Our extensive service offer is curated by an expert team with lived experience of eating disorders or supporting someone with poor mental health. We also pride ourselves on our person-led approach to care, ensuring that our community and service users are involved in the development of new pathways, groups and services.

Alongside our support services, we work with our partners and other organisations to promote early intervention and prevention through awareness and training opportunities. Our team understands what it takes to support someone struggling with an eating disorder, and it all starts with the right knowledge and training. We believe in early intervention and trust that better education around disordered eating behaviours can play an important role in protecting those who are at risk of developing an eating disorder, as well as offer effective support to those who are struggling with their relationship with food.

Whilst we are commissioned to work across a number of counties within the Midlands, we rely on the generosity of individual fundraisers, sponsors and charitable support from businesses and organisations to keep our charity going (and growing!) We also value the passion and support from our partners, schools and businesses in helping us promote early intervention and prevention to communities throughout the UK. Together we can continue to ensure eating disorder support is available and accessible to all.

We welcome new partners to join us as we offer hope, opportunity and choices to individuals and families in recovery and help promote early intervention and better treatment of eating disorders. To learn more about partnerships or corporate sponsorship, please contact our team.