JLT Specialty Ltd

At JLT Specialty, we believe in doing things differently.

Why? Because in the world of insurance broking, risk management, claims consulting and settlements, the only way we can develop solutions, which really deliver, is to fully understand all of the different challenges our clients face. And we know the answer does exist, no matter how difficult the question is.

Our success comes from focusing on sectors where we know we can make the greatest difference. On using insight, intelligence, and imagination to provide expert advice and robust – often unique – solutions. And on building partner teams to work side-by-side with clients, our network and the market to deliver responses, which are carefully considered from all angles.

Because of this approach, our clients trust us. They have total confidence in knowing the vital elements of their operations are covered, enabling their businesses to be even more ambitious and surpass expectations.

We place over £3.2 billion of premium into the global insurance markets every year, giving us leverage to secure the best deal for our clients. This is not at the expense of the relationships with our markets though, and because of this, insurers are keen to underwrite our risks, develop new products with us and push the boundaries of possibility.

We know how we work makes us different. It’s quite a claim but we’re driven to deliver on it every single day.

JLT Specialty Ltd
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Key contacts:

Sally Swann – sally_swann@jltspecialty.com
Steve Fox – steve_fox@jltspecialty.com
Steve Exwood – steve_exwood@jltspecialty.com
Ravi Parmar – ravi_parmar@jltspecialty.com