NG Chartered Surveyors

NG Chartered Surveyors provide a wide range of commercial property services. We can help you to safeguard your commercial property investment, leaving you free to get on with the more pressing demands of your business.

Our commercial property management team has been operating throughout the East Midlands since 1980 and as a result, they have expert knowledge of the local property market, having encountered almost every issue that could possibly arise in the day-to-day management of commercial properties.

That means if you choose our service, rest assured your property will be in safe hands.

Our complete range of commercial property services can include everything from simple insurance inspections through to long-term strategic portfolio planning. Whether you are relocating, establishing an entirely new commercial property or simply looking for assistance with the management of an existing investment, we can be there for you.

Our commercial property services can also help you ensure the long-term integrity of your business premises. We can provide you with reliable insurance valuations and carry out building surveys to help you avoid dilapidations and any other unpleasant surprises. Our range of property services includes:

Property Consultancy
Commercial Property Investment
Commercial Property Development
Commercial Property Agency
Commercial Property Management
Residential Block Management
Property Surveys
Commercial Property Valuations
Residential Property Valuations
Leasehold  Advice
Commercial & Civil Mediation

Our commercial property valuations are not only supported by our reasoning, which we present openly and clearly, but also through our team being Registered RICS Valuers.

Whatever the reason, when we are asked to provide valuation advice we will say it as we see it. This enables you – our clients – to make well-judged decisions.

Through our commercial property services we have acted as consultants for businesses in the following sectors:

Commercial developers
Residential developers
Financial institutions
Property companies
Local Authorities