Fracking given go-ahead in north Notts

The fracking site in Misson

Nottinghamshire County Council has approved a bid by fracking firm IGas to drill in Misson in north Nottinghamshire.

The controversial plan has gone ahead despite local opposition, according to pressure groups.

Greenpeace says that despite no party having overall control at Nottinghamshire County Council,the biggest party, Labour, has recently called for a ban. Five Liberal Democrat councillors also oppose fracking.

Of 2,629 representations from individuals to the Council’s consultation on the proposal, only nine were in favour of the plan.

Despite this, IGas is pleased with the outcome.

Stephen Bowler, CEO of IGas, said: “I am pleased that the Committee has made this positive determination following the recommendation by the Planning Officer. It has been a long process and everyone has been extremely thorough.

“We have engaged with the community at every step of the process through a local community liaison group. This is important to us given we operate 30 fields across the country and understand how imperative it is to work in co-operation with local residents whilst we work safely and sensitively.
“We are at a critical juncture in the future of our energy mix and supply, as we move away from coal towards lower carbon energy sources.

“We rely significantly on gas in the UK, not just for electricity, but also in heating 8 out of 10 homes and as a raw material in the manufacture of many everyday products, including plastics and clothing.

“We believe the future of the area is as important as its rich history and, with the demise of coal mining in the area, see an important role for shale development in the creation of future jobs and prosperity.

“At this stage we, as well as other onshore operators around the country, are trying to establish if the significant quantities of gas that we have identified exists in the right formations to be commercially prospective and address the issue of security of supply that we face.

“We now have the consent to develop a hydrocarbon wellsite and drill up to two exploratory hydrocarbon wells [one vertically and one horizontally] to help us better understand the shale gas potential in North Nottinghamshire.”

Greenpeace UK campaigner Hannah Martin said: “It is a deep shame the council has decided to give fracking firm IGas the go-ahead to drill in Nottinghamshire. This is despite considerable local opposition and Labour and Lib Dem national parties backing a fracking ban.

“Fracking makes little economic and environmental sense. It will cause disruption to local communities, industrialise our countryside and hold back efforts to bring down climate-warming emissions.

“Theresa May shouldn’t try to build a 21st-century industrial strategy on a polluting and inexperienced fracking sector that won’t deliver for years, if ever. If the PM wants to promote an affordable energy system whilst bolstering business growth and job creation, renewable and smart energy technologies are the way to go.”

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