On-demand travel service set for Derby launch

Thomas Ableman
X The Business Desk

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An on-demand, low-cost intercity travel service is set to launch in Derby after a successful roll-out in Nottingham.

Using its online booking system, Sn-ap puts people making similar trips together and matches them with the  local coach operators.

Since it launched in Nottingham in October 2016, Sn-ap has carried over 20,000 passengers to their individually selected drop off points.

Sn-ap Founder, Thomas Ableman, said: “Sn-ap uses technology to match customer demand for intercity trips with the highest-quality local coach operators. Travellers get greater convenience, flexibility and pay pocket-money prices. Local coach operators with spare capacity, get access to popular intercity routes for the very first time.

“Technology has made life easier and more convenient – creating new ways to do everyday things. For example, according to recent Deloitte research, nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of us use a smartphone to book our travel.

“We’ve attracted a far broader and more varied range of travellers than we were expecting. Far more families with children, far more post-family singles and couples, looking for good value, high-quality intercity transport. It shows how fed up everyone is with the expensive, unreliable options they’ve had to suffer until now.”

“Sn-ap travellers can choose their own pick-up and drop-off locations and departure times that suit them.”

“After the success of Nottingham, Derby is the obvious next step for Sn-ap and also the place from where we’re getting the most requests on our site.”

“What’s more, customers also get to voice their opinions throughout their trip and share them with us and their friends via social media. So, if they rave about a particular driver or operator, we hear. Therefore, the quality just keeps getting better.”

Sn-ap launches in Derby this Friday (23 June).