Freight firm reveals plans to double turnover

Craig Cox

Colwick-based haulage company, Fusion Supply Chain Solutions, has unveiled plans to double its turnover.

Fusion was originally set up in 2011 by the The Wilkins Group, a Nottinghamshire-based manufacturer of packaging, to increase the efficiency of its distribution network.

The firm currently employs 42 people at its 78,000 sq ft plant in Colwick, generating an annual turnover of £1.25m.

Fusion’s commercial logistics manager, Craig Cox, said: “Around 95% of our business is carried out within the UK and, while a no-deal Brexit might bring extra costs or time delays to our Continental operations, our plans for the future won’t change.

“We have 15 trucks on our licence but we’ll be looking to add another five this year. We’ll also be expanding the scope of our haulage work, with the intention of doubling our turnover within the next two years.

“And in addition to expanding our operations with the opening of a second premises in the Coalville area of Leicestershire, we’re also looking at setting up a driving agency – partly as a feeder for own company, but also to enable local companies to take advantage of the expertise we’ve built up over the last eight years.”