Locked In With….. Chris Barlow, MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Chris Barlow, MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Chris Barlow is partner, COO of the Birmingham and Leicester offices of accountancy, audit, tax & business advisory firm MHA MacIntyre Hudson.

Who are you locked in with? 
My wife and two children

How has the lockdown and working from home been for you so far?
We have settled into something of a routine. Initially my children were “at school” with certain Zoom lessons which they had to attend at a specific time so we ran along the lines of the “school day” with alarms signalling changes of lessons and breaks… then Mum and Dad worked later to “catch up” a bit

What has been the best thing about staying in?
Losing the daily commute

And what have you missed the most?
My wife is ordained and Church is an important part of all of our lives as a family… not being able to even enter the Church buildings is a real challenge especially in the run up to Easter.

What previously essential thing have you realised is not actually essential?
I’m not sure I would have described anything as “essential” but this current situation has certainly made me value a number of things.

What are the changes you’ve made that you plan on continuing when restrictions are lifted?
It is not necessary to travel to quite so many meetings!

Have you made progress on any of your bucket list items?

What is the first thing you will do when isolation ends? 
I’m not sure, but it is tempting to say a holiday!