Web agency set to create jobs following investment

Strafe directors Ross Davies and Patrick Dolan

Nottingham web agency Strafe Creative is set to create jobs following an investment in new development software which it says will help its e-commerce clients sell more online.

The company has invested in eye tracking software which enables Strafe’s developers to run their designs through an algorithm developed by leading universities which then provides the firm with data on what potential customers are looking at when they visit their clients’ websites. Using the data generated, sites can then be improved to help customers buy more easily.

This type of development software is normally used by some of the world’s largest e-commerce sites to help improve their conversion rates and generate more revenue online. As online retail becomes even more critical to businesses following Covid-19, Strafe wants to offer this capability to more e-commerce businesses to help their websites convert more sales.

The new software will be used across all Strafe’s clients, not just new projects. Strafe’s current sites can be retro-tested and then improved if required to help a business remain as competitive as possible.

Ross Davies, director of Strafe Creative, said: “E-commerce has never been more critical for a company’s success and we wanted to provide our clients with the latest software to ensure they are converting as many potential customers as possible. The software provides us with a heat map of where the eye is drawn to on the website and also allows us to divide up the page and generate a percentage as to how many views each part of the page receives. Therefore, if a client wants to sell a particular product or highlight a specific offer, we can re-configure the site to ensure it is not lost on the page and is seen by potential customers.”

Known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Strafe says maximising how websites convert potential customers has been evolving rapidly recently and is now becoming increasingly accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Strafe has developed a speciality in this area through its work with Mantic Games and Great Bean Bags and has identified this as an area of growth for the firm. Covid-19 has accelerated this growth as increasing numbers of businesses are forced to develop additional sales channels.

As a result, Strafe is looking to hire more CRO specialists at its Nottingham HQ.

Davies added: “Our clients see a direct impact from increasing the conversion rates of their website and we have seen continued enquiries for this work throughout lockdown and as a result are planning to expand our team to include more CRO specialists.”