Lighting firm wins largest-ever contract

Spencer Coffin

A Lincolnshire company is celebrating winning its largest-ever contract.

LED lighting manufacturer and installer, Procure Direct, has been awarded a £1m project.

The company, which celebrated its 15th birthday last month, has been asked to install LED lighting in more than 100 food stores across the UK.

Work on the 12-month contract will start next month and will see Procure Direct install a bespoke version of the INVO LED SKY Panel into the stores.

“The last few months have been incredible for us,” said Spencer Coffin, director of Procure Direct.

He added: “We’ve seen our work with schools increase dramatically as they took advantage of lockdown to bring forward replacement lighting projects. We moved into our new offices and warehouse in Lincoln’s Allenby Industrial Estate and celebrated 15 years in business. We’ve now been awarded our largest ever contract, which is amazing. It’s just a shame there is a non-disclosure clause in the contract so we can’t name the leading food retailer that we are working with.”

Procure Direct employs seven people, with an additional two people set to be recruited as a result of the new contract.