PM hints at more localised tiering decisions

PM Boris Johnson
X The Business Desk

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that future tiering decisions could be made on a more localised basis.

He was opening a debate on Tuesday afternoon on the new tiering systems in England that are set to come in to force at one minute past midnight on Wednesday (December 2).

Johnson was expecting a sizeable number of Tory MPs to vote against the restrictions that will see most hospitality businesses in the East Midlands forced to close – bar takeaways.

He said: “As we go forward, the government will look at how we can reflect as closely as possible the reality of what is happening on the ground for local people, looking at the incidence of the disease, looking at the human geography and spread of the pandemic, and indeed the progress that areas are making in getting the virus down.

“We will try to be as sensitive as possible to local effort and to local achievement in bringing the pandemic under control.”

Local MPs have been angered about their constituencies being placed immediately into tier 3 despite a four-week national lockdown and many areas seeing plummeting Covid-19 positive rates.

The Government is set to review which tiers on December 16 and now appears to have not ruled our more localised district areas being placed into lower tiers.