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By Andy Dawson, director of Curium Solutions and host of The Empowered Podcast

One of the benefits of lockdown for all those months was that I started to listen to podcasts. And I am not the only one. UK podcast listeners are estimated to grow by 20% this year to an estimated 14.6 million listeners.

Andy Dawson

There are many categories, but I prefer a mix of business, leadership, and sport. I have been amazed by some of the conversations that I have heard, of people sharing their very personal life experiences and lessons, and the inspiration a story can provide. On many a walk or run I have had to stop in my tracks and make some notes on my phone.

Over the last 12 months, as business leaders tackled the many issues faced by the pandemic, people have talked about issues like mental health, resilience and finding your purpose. It has been impossible to properly address big issues like that face to face in the workplace, let alone by a team zoom call or huddle.

That is where the world of podcasts has really helped me. You hear all sorts of insights from leading figures in sport, arts, academia, and business sharing what they have been through, what helped them and perhaps what did not. A few moments ago, I was listening to Chris Goss, the former chief hostage negotiator at the FBI talk about the art of negotiations, and there were loads of great tips in the episode.

It also strikes me that the way we learn is changing quickly. The formality of classroom leaning is being transformed by the digital world. At Curium Solutions, we now run our leadership programmes and coaching sessions digitally, as well as face to face when the opportunity allows. There is also greater focus on self-development and people taking greater responsibility for looking after themselves, which is where I think the world of podcasts brings a new dimension.

Recognising this, we decided to see what we could do, and set out on the journey of developing The Empowered Podcast. This was a real team effort. We had to find a producer, music, graphics, and mostly importantly guests with a story to share.

The theme of the podcast was perhaps the easiest decision, as we simply wanted to understand who or what has empowered our guests on their journey so far would make an interesting and inspiring listen. From that story, we are seeking to find the golden nuggets that we can share with our listeners.

The good news is that we found some amazing guests, and we have just gone live with episode 1, in which Ed Jackson shares his amazing story. Once a professional rugby player, a life changing accident transformed his life.

So, welcome to the world of podcasts. Please explore what is out there, and if you would like to listen to The Empowered Podcast from Curium Solutions, then it is available on all mainstream platforms.

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