Plans for residential scheme in fire-hit former lace factory

The building on Beech Avenue in Nottingham has been badly damaged by fire
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Plans to turn a building where the famous Nottingham Birkin family business made lace into 27 apartments have been revealed.

Maville Court Limited wants to turn Maville House into a residential scheme made up of 20 two-bed and one two-bed flats.

Previous plans outlined a 45-apartment scheme, but this had been reduced to meet the National Space Standards for internal floor area.

Maville House is a four-storey, former Lace Factory on the south side of Beech Avenue. The
property, which dates from the mid 1800s, currently shares the site with the adjacent former Lace Factory known as the White House. The buildings were originally built for, and occupied by, Guy Birkin of the renowned lace manufacturers, the Birkin family, who later had premises built on Broadway in the Lace Market.

The main factory building is badly fire damaged, having lost the entire roof and suffered serious damage internally from the fire and subsequent water ingress.