University graduate celebrates ecommerce success after making £2.4m in 12 months

Jack Tierney and Nat Biggs
X The Business Desk

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A graduate from Nottingham Trent University has celebrated early entrepreneurial success, after generating a multi-million-pound turnover in the first 12 months of business.

Established in July 2020 by Jack Tierney, just 23 and his best friend, Nat Biggs (24), Double Boxed is fast becoming the UK’s leading provider of exclusive trainers and streetwear to consumers worldwide.

Having shipped in excess of 10,000 orders over the last 12 months, the entrepreneurial duo developed the concept for Double Boxed when Tierney was studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Nottingham Trent University and Biggs was working in a sales executive role.

In buying and selling new and exclusive Yeezy and Air Jordan trainers via Facebook groups, the pair soon believed they could transform their passion into a business. Due to lockdown restrictions, they set up shop from their own parent’s garages in Burton-on-Trent and officially launched the Double Boxed eCommerce store in July 2020.

During the initial few months, sales were consistent, but it wasn’t until Tierney and Biggs developed seasonal campaigns for Black Friday and Christmas that revenue really boomed. Successfully generating in excess of £800,000 in sales during this two-month period, they were forced to upscale their operation and quickly moved into a new warehouse that could accommodate the stock levels required to meet new consumer demand.

In July 2021, the pair celebrated their first year in business, having exceeded an impressive £2.4m in revenue for the Double Boxed brand.

Tierney said: “When we launched Double Boxed last year, we thought it would be amazing to generate over £100,000 in sales and genuinely didn’t dream of the level of success we have already experienced during our first year in business.

“We have not only worked really hard to source in-demand street and footwear, like Yeezys, but have also created a number of creative campaigns that have really struck a chord with our target demographic. Now we have moved into our new warehouse, we are working on expanding our range, whilst recruiting new team members who are united in our vision to become the world’s leading trainer and streetwear provider, selling exclusive products at competitive prices.”

Forecast to double turnover during 2021/22, Double Boxed stocks a range of brands, with popular product ranges including Nike Air Jordan, Yeezy and Essential.