Notts County Foundation launches cancer support programme

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Notts County Foundation has launched a cancer pre-hab programme, which aims to mentally, physically, and emotionally support patients throughout Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Suitable for individuals that are awaiting cancer-related surgeries and treatments, the free exercise-based initiative aims to increase participants’ muscular-strength, cardiovascular health, mental wellbeing, and self-confidence alongside people experiencing similar journeys.

Josh Stevenson, physical health project coordinator at Notts County Foundation, said: “We are delighted to be launching this new pre-hab programme in support of those who are battling cancer.

“For a number of patients, awaiting cancer-related surgeries and treatments can be an incredibly anxiety-inducing and stressful time, and we hope that, following the ongoing success of our Cancer Rehabilitation and Exercise (CARE) programme, we can continue to support brave individuals in our local communities.”

Notts County Foundation’s cancer 12-week pre-hab programme starts at the Portland Centre on Monday 11 October 2021 between 3pm-4:30pm.