Logistics company boasts workforce boom

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Logistics company Baxter Freight has started December on a high, reaching 100 staff members for the first time.

Working under one roof in Nottingham, the news comes as the business sees a net increase of 30 people this year, an achievement it says sets the tone for continual growth throughout 2022.

On track to increase the account management team from 30 to 75 over the next 12 months, Baxter Freight predicts it will reach 150 staff by December 2022.

The company has also promoted a record seven employees throughout 2021, with six new managers across the business and a newly promoted director.

Lorraine Sutcliffe, HR director, says: “Employing a net increase of 30 people while the business adapts to new ways of working has been a challenge, but our strict recruitment assessments and focus on culture means we’re confident we’ve employed the very best people to do the job in hand.

“With professional development schemes such as Government-backed apprenticeships a part of our standard training and development for our Account Managers, we’re focusing on shaping our workforce and supporting our people, committed to implementing more internal promotions as we grow over the next few years.”

Peter Isler, managing director, said: “With next year’s plan to recruit a further 50 people across a range of functions, our sights are set clearly on building a brand synonymous with customer service. Every member of our team focuses on adding value and building relationships, with people-focus a key part of our culture.”