Logistics firm expands into the Republic of Ireland

Panther Group

Two-person delivery provider Panther Group has expanded into the Republic of Ireland after forging a new partnership with a Dublin-based pallet network.

Following its success in the UK, the Northamptonshire logistics business has joined forces with PalletXpress to extend its Sky Glass deliveries to the Republic.

Last year the broadcaster appointed Panther as the sole delivery partner for its Sky Glass product.

Following Panther’s model, PalletXpress and five of its partners will carry out deliveries on the company’s behalf, with the introduction of the two-person, next day and customer day of choice service representing a first for the country.

Tom Carr, managing director at PalletXpress, said: “Although traditionally PalletXpress has predominantly operated as a pallet network, we have realised that in order to further develop the business, it is important we look at other market sectors.

“This is why we’re delighted to be awarded with the opportunity of partnering with Panther Group in assisting in the delivery of Sky Glass products to consumers throughout the Republic of Ireland.

“With last mile delivery services being limited in the Republic of Ireland, the opportunity to work with both Sky and Panther Group in helping to extend their services into the country is extremely exciting.”

Gary McKelvey, managing director at Panther Group, added: “We are delighted to be extending our services into Republic of Ireland on behalf of Sky as we broaden our scope in delivering their Sky Glass product.

“Having been awarded the contract for UK and Northern Ireland last October, the journey so far has been extremely positive. The contract was a significant milestone within the Panther Group timeline, and the opportunity to broaden the relationship into Republic of Ireland is a huge honour.

“We are also delighted to be working alongside PalletXpress, a company with a glowing reputation, and are confident that they will provide a seamless and professional service offering to consumers throughout the Republic of Ireland.”

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