Graham Nash

Graham is business turnaround and growth specialist who has over 10 years’ experience running companies, transforming them from an idea to commercial success.

During the pandemic, he saw a growing need in the local marketplace for a business-strategy focused accountancy firm that would work closely with firms in the East Midlands area to help them understand what they needed to do to navigate through the challenging times ahead.  In doing so Graham has been instrumental in salvaging businesses at risk of closure and helping others grow to increase their value significantly.

Graham’s approach to business is based on developing and growing relationships, supporting business owners, their staff and the families around them. As a husband and father of three children under 10, family is at the core of his being, and his purpose is to give business owners the financial and business direction they need to build their companies and support their community of people around them. 

He is an advocate for apprenticeships, having recruited 200 in his professional career, and his management style is to ‘walk the walk’, leading by example and showing his staff and peers that continuous education is important to develop professionally.