A vision for the future of the workplace: R+R Hub & Specsavers

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed how many of us worked, and one thing which many workplaces were forced to do was to close their canteen. This was the case for Specsavers, who then looked for a flexible solution that would allow their staff to return to work with the option for a proper, relaxing and healthy break. That’s when they turned to R+R Hub.

R+R Hub Kit Out Specsavers

R+R Hub offer bespoke, innovative break facilities that employers and staff alike will love. They use state-of-the-art Cema vending machines to provide high-quality snacks and drinks for employees to enjoy quickly and easily. Their facilities bring huge convenience, a choice of hot and cold options and the ability to supply fresh food and drink, all in secure machines that are hygienic and do not require staffing.

Specsavers care about their staff and wanted to make sure they had the very best available. They were specifically looking for a branded coffee solution that could make use of their existing fresh milk machine to provide something that tasted great and would give staff the boost they were looking for from a hot cup of coffee.

R+R Hub were able to get the machine back on its feet, and they now have a ready supply of locally sourced coffee beans thanks to 200 Degrees. Staff have loved the new addition to their break room, and the dedicated branding around the machine has helped to drive people towards it and increase its sales.

Welcome Back Event 

Specsavers knew that returning to work was a big deal for many of their staff, and they wanted to celebrate having everyone back in work by making use of their new facilities. To help with that, R+R Hub provided a member of staff to serve free coffee over the course of 6 weeks while people got settled back in. They also helped to provide fresh food and accompaniments for their toast days across 2 sites, not to mention the delivery of delicious breakfast burritos from Jake + Nayns.

On top of all of that, R+R Hub organised daily deliveries of Posh Nosh pastries, cans of pop for their street food lunch days and helped to source a street food provider.

The staff loved all of the new additions and were able to feel great about returning to work. R+R Hub understand that every business needs something different and so they work with each customer to deliver not only the food and the machines that they want, but also the choices and the all-round experience.

Water Cooler 

In any work environment, hydration is key to health, wellbeing and productivity, and so Specsavers were keen to provide their staff with a fresh, cool supply of drinking water. R+R Hub were able to supply a replacement water cooler the same day to make sure they met Specsavers needs.

Understanding the need for a healthy working environment, R+R Hub also carried out full sanitation and servicing on the existing water coolers that a previous supplier had left, all with just 24 hours’ notice to ensure the customer was not inconvenienced in any way.

R+R Hub can transform any workplace to help staff feel nourished and refreshed, whilst able to make healthy choices and cater for any dietary requirements. They work quickly and efficiently and tailor all of their services to the space available and the needs of the workplace. With so many options available, professional branding and flexible services, break times in your workplace will never be the same again.

Find out more today by visiting rrhub.co.uk or by calling 01157 845 846.